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Taegeuk Chil Jang (Move 21)
(Last position)
Open the left hand.

In the same stance, right target kick (oreun pyojeok chagi), using the open hand as the target.

Note: The target kick in this movement is an inward-crescent kick. This also applies to Movement 23A.
Place the kicking leg to the front and make horse stance (joochoom sogi) with right elbow target strike (oreun palkoop pyojeok chigi).

Note: In this technique, the eyes and the face should look toward the target of the strike. This means that when the kick in Movement 21A is complete, the head should be turned. Look forward and toward the elbow that is striking. Then turn the head (in this case, to the right) to move onto the next movement. This also applies to Movement 23B.
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