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School Regulations

The regulations below highlight the Lehigh Valley Taekwondo school safety issues, and they will also help you to get the most out of the classes. It is important to know these regulations and act accordingly.

  1. Students are required to remove their shoes before entering the training floor.

  2. At no time may a student or a spectator smoke or consume alcoholic beverages on the school premises.

  3. No food or drink shall be allowed on the training floor. A bottle of drink may be kept at the carpeted area of the school if necessary.

  4. Students should not bring valuables to the school. The School takes no responsibility for any lost items.

  5. Rings, watches, earrings, necklaces, and other types of jewelry may not be worn during class. If any of the items mentioned cannot be removed due to religious reasons, they should be taped to the body.

  6. Students of Lehigh Valley Taekwondo are expected to practice exceptionally good personal hygiene. Fingernails and toenails are to be kept trimmed.

  7. A student may not leave the training floor without the permission of the instructor. If at any point you must absolutely leave the floor, you must tell your instructor and get a permission.

  8. Use of the Lehigh Valley Taekwondo facilities is for the practice of Taekwondo. Unruly conduct, swearing, and abusive language will not be tolerated in this school.

  9. Students are not permitted to spar without the permission of the head instructor.

  10. Techniques learned in class may never be used outside of the school unless the safety of person or property is in jeopardy.

  11. If students of this school fail to conduct themselves in an acceptable manner either in or outside of class, or if their actions bring dishonor upon the school, fellow students, or Taekwondo as an art, the school reserves the right to expel them, or withdraw any rank which the students may have earned.

  12. Children are not permitted to leave the school without the escort of a recognized guardian. Under no circumstances may a child wait outside of the school.

  13. The office is a restricted area. Do not enter the office unless you have the permission of the head instructor.

  14. The official uniform of the school is the white V-neck. None other will be considered as the uniform.

  15. Missing any component of the uniform (top, pants, or belt) is considered no uniform.

  16. The uniform must always be kept clean and neat in appearance. Torn, stained, and soiled uniforms will not be tolerated.

  17. Students may not store their uniforms and equipment at the school.

  18. At no time may a student smoke, eat, or consume alcoholic beverages in uniform.

  19. Whenever possible, wearing the uniform while traveling to the school should be avoided.

  20. Under no circumstances should the uniform be used for anything other than for practice of Taekwondo.

  21. Lehigh Valley Taekwondo reserves the right to add, delete, or modify the policies of the school.
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