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Etiquette is a very important part of any martial art and thus may not be neglected. Always keep in mind that the etiquette is a way of showing respect to your instructors and other students with whom you practice.

At School

  1. Upon entering the school, bow to the flags as a gesture of respect.

  2. When meeting the instructor of the school or a black belt holder, bow to show respect for their rank. Respect should also be shown toward other students of higher rank.

  3. Each class will begin and end with a ceremonial bow to the flags and then to the instructors.

  4. A student of Lehigh Valley Taekwondo should stand and join the ceremonial bows at the beginning and the end of a class even if he/she is not participating in the present class.
During Class

  1. When addressing a black belt holder, use "Sir" or "Ma'am"; alternatively, "Kyosunnim" for 1st, 2nd, or 3rd dan holders, "Sabumnim" for 4th, 5th or 6th dan holders, and "Kwanjangnim" for 7th or 8th dan holders may be used. If unsure, "Sir" is always accepted.

  2. Never command or advise a higher belt holder. Show respect for his/her higher rank.

  3. During class, do not practice techniques other than what is being taught by the instructor.

  4. During class, if any portion of the student's uniform is in disarray, the student should face a neutral area away from the flags, instructors, and other students and correct it when it is appropriate.

  5. During class, never walk through students who are practicing. It is disrespectful, and would disrupt the class.

  6. Never ask instructors when you can test. When the instructor feels that a student is ready to be promoted, he/she will be invited to test.
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