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AP KUBI [ap-koo-bee]
Front or long stance

AP SOGI [ap-so-gee]
Walking or short stance

APJOOCHOOM SOGI [ap-jew-chum-so-gee]
Forward horse stance

BEOM SOGI [beom-so-gee]
Tiger or cat stance

CHARYEOT SOGI [cha-ryut-so-gee]
Attention stance

Back stance

HAKTARI OGEUM SOGI [hak-da-ree-oh-gum-so-gee]
Crane stance, foot behind knee of support leg

HAKTARI SOGI [hak-da-ree-so-gee]
Crane stance, foot on side of knee of support leg

JOOCHOOM SOGI [jew-chum-so-gee]
Horse stance

KOA SOGI [go-ah-so-gee]
Cross or Twisted stance, one leg behind the other

MOA SOGI [moe-ah-so-gee]
Standing with feet together

PYEONHI SOGI [pee-yun-hee-so-gee]
Ready stance

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