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Taekwondo Terms

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Practicing martial arts also means being exposed to the language of the art.

Taekwondo terms should be used during classes as appropriate. Think of them as you train. The more you use the terminology, the more you learn. If you are having difficulty with a certain word, ask an instructor.

Because Taekwondo is constantly changing, its terminology also changes. Some terms may become obsolete and may be replaced.

Notes on Spelling and Pronunciation

Spelling and pronunciation may vary depending on where the terminology is taught. Common variations occur with the following letters:
  • K and G (Kup or Gup)
  • CH and J (Chireugi or Jireugi) — Jireugi is pronounced shorter
  • T and D (Tasut or Dasut)
  • P and B (Pam or Bam)
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