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Lehigh Valley/University Taekwondo - Where The Tradition Lives

The Oldest World Taekwondo Federation School in Lehigh Valley
Lehigh Valley Taekwondo (LVTKD) provides an opportunity to learn the great art of Taekwondo — a modern martial art with a long historical tradition that originates in Korea.

Techniques and principles behind Taekwondo are taught through "old-style" training. Etiquettes and physically demanding workouts nurture martial artists of tomorrow. Our school is about learning and preserving the tradition, as well as the true form of Taekwondo and martial arts.

About Lehigh Valley Taekwondo
Information about our school, including schedules and location.

Lehigh University Taekwondo
Information regarding Lehigh University Taekwondo Club and its collegiate team.

Poomse (forms) explained with comprehensive descriptions and accompanying photos.

Answers to frequently asked questions, regarding LVTKD, Taekwondo, and martial arts.

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